Fotografia: Amigos sempre visitam (Friends always visit)

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Fotos: Chronosfer. Janelas são portas para a vida. Através delas, o tempo se contrai e se abre em segundos. E do silêncio e da ausência, nascem pássaros e muitos voos e cantares. Os amigos sempre visitam. Às vezes, demoram. Um dia, estão cantando felizes em nossas janelas. As que são portas para a vida.

Windows are doors to life. through them, time contracts and opens in seconds. And from silence and absence, birds are born and many flights and songs. Friends always visit. Sometimes they take time. One day, they are singing happily in our windows. The ones that are doors to life.


25 comentários em “Fotografia: Amigos sempre visitam (Friends always visit)

  1. É verdade Chronos, que bom encontrar seu jardim, amplo, livre e bem cuidado. Lugar perfeito para os pássaros descansarem, se alimentarem e continuarem a voar, dessa vez, modificados pela inspiração do jardim que os acolheu…Quem ama os pássaros nunca os prende, contemplar pássaros e magico! Belo dia, querido amigo!


  2. Bom Dia, Fernando! It was so fun, when I saw the notification of Your post with its title ‘Friends always visit’ I KNEW it would be about birds! Yay! LOVE these pictures! And You remind me; yesterday I was sitting at out kitchen table working on a painting and a very large red-headed woodpecker flew up with a very small bird…looked a bit like a tit mouse…..anyway, they both flew up to our awning over the back doors and hung upside down, side by side, from the fabric. Just hung there like bats together, looking around. I’ve never seen such a thing! I leaned for my camera too late! They flew off. The small bird returned and did it again then off he journeyed. They never came back. I told my boyfriend and he was just amazed as I was. What a sweet gift!!! As were Your pictures, thoughts and lovely Marianne starting my day. Muito Obrigado e Felicidades!!! 🤗🤗🤗


    1. I’ve had a good time with the birds, the woodpecker. there are periods when silence is more present, and suddenly they come back, sing, make a sweet and friendly noise, and then I can feel complete. your experience is magnificent. is that so. sometimes or almost always, when I want to take the picture, they have already flown. then, I think: they are playing with me, they are my friends. I’m happy for everything. muito obrigado e felicidades!!!

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