Fotografia: Dimensão (Dimension)

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Fotos: Chronosfer. O homem e sua dimensão. O espaço e sua dimensão. A construção e sua dimensão. O que somos nesse eterno construir?

The man and his dimension. Space and its dimension. The construction and its size. What are we in this eternal building?


13 comentários sobre “Fotografia: Dimensão (Dimension)

  1. Lord, give me the tools to get the job done
    Keep my drill bit sharp and nails in my gun
    Bless my mind with skill, should issues arise
    So, I will be wiser than I realize
    Provide me a never-ending load of wood
    While assuring my efforts shall be understood
    Then, when day is passed, Lord, allow me to rest
    With the knowledge that I have given my best.

    Lord, grant me the will to answer each call
    Even when the phone is ringing off the wall
    Remind me, should I ever fail to remember
    My job is a gift, New Year’s through December
    I work with my hands from sun up to sundown
    With warmth on my back, I have no need to frown
    Sometimes, the job may become too much to bear
    But, still, I am humbled, because You are there.

    Lord, always be with me; help to keep me sound
    Secure ye old ladder, firmly on the ground
    Protect me from harm, as I travel along
    But, most of all, Lord, be sure I am strong
    My ultimate goal is to bless others’ homes
    So, Lord, please be certain, wherever I roam
    I give my heart, always, to all that I do
    In the very manner, my heart praises You.

    © 2008 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

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  2. We are all a part of the whole, one of the building blocks of the society of man and of the universe. My son works in construction, many times on roofs as he puts in sky lights. Their jobs are very dangerous. Thank God someone wants to do it! Love the post!

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  3. Me gusta pensar que somos justo lo que tus fotografías muestran con tanta sencillez (qué difícil y qué fácil lo haces). Somos un punto entre el cielo y la tierra. Construimos grandes edificios para sentirnos un poco más grandes, pero no haría falta… Nos gusta movernos y hacer cosas sin parar… y esto si nos hace falta… Y somos valientes porque nos enfrentamos a la vida, a lo que sabemos que es más grande que nosotros sin pensar en nada más. Valentía o locura? Un poco de las dos cosas. En tus fotos hay algo que me provoca ternura hacia nuestra especie. Te lo agradezco de corazón. Un abrazo Fernando!


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