Fotografia: Olhos de dentro (Eyes inside)

Europa IF15 (2)

Talvez os olhos do lado de fora não vivem os olhos de dentro. Talvez não sintam como o sol do dia esmaece com o avanço das horas. Talvez nos olhos de fora a vida seja o olhar que tangencia a vida de dentro. E quem está no lado de dentro muitas vezes fala com os olhos. As grades que separam o olhar de um e outro talvez sejam as nossas grades de dentro que do lado de fora ficam para trás.

Maybe the eyes on the outside don’t live in the eyes of the inside. Maybe they don’t feel like the day sun crushes on the advance of the hours. Perhaps in the eyes of the outside life is the gaze that tangentia the life from within. And whoever is on the inside often speaks with the eyes. The grids that separate the look of one and the other may be our bars from the inside that are left behind.

Foto: Chronosfer.







12 comentários sobre “Fotografia: Olhos de dentro (Eyes inside)

    1. Photo that always makes me think about the zoos and their functions. The sad look of the bird is striking and devastating for those who believe should live in freedom. But, already so far from your habitat could you? I don’t know how to answer, but I know your sadness has come to me in a blunt way. And I’m glad the picture can make people think too. I’m happy.

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  1. Creio que um dos objectivos desta nossa passagem pelos dias é tentar equilibrar o que o olhar interior nos diz com o que o olhar exterior dos oferece, (e quanta heterogeneidade ele abarca!)…com o olhar que aos outros transmitimos, seja com os olhos, com as palavras ou com os gestos/acção
    Bonita foto e divagação!


    1. Sorry I haven’t responded before. My time is greatly reduced, and sometimes I unintentionally leave some comments behind. I’m in cancer treatment and the medication is very aggressive. I have devastating days for the collateral and it is the reason why I sometimes commit this lack of elegance to you. I hope I’m sorry.
      Your comment is always welcome and this one in particular tells me a lot because I agree in every way with it. More than being in pictures or museums, it’s just like you, in a sensible way, expressed it. Thank you very much and again I apologize.

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      1. I am experiencing a lot of ignorance on WP really, and sometimes react a bit too impulsive etc. pp. Wishing you all the best and that the chemicals will have the wished effect. It is very important to believe in the own healing now for you, then things will more easily improve. ✌


      2. thank you so much for understanding and strength. Their words arrive as a breath to follow. I am calm and fulfilling the planned steps reacting clinically well. The effects are that they knock down, but there is little left now, only 4 sessions. Again, thank you very much.

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