Fotografia: Encontro (Meeting)

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Fotos: Chronosfer. Contraluz é incrível. Instiga o imaginário. As imagens se tornam mais intensas, mais vivas, mais sentidas. Duas pombas se encontram. E vivem o seu momento de paz e amor. A natureza é sempre sábia. E nos mostra a realidade.

Backlight is incredible. It instigates the imaginary. The images become more intense, more alive, more felt. Two doves meet. And they live their moment of peace and love. Nature is always wise. And it shows us the reality.



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      1. the south is colder, introspective, more inward, has the closest culture to what we call pampa, the green fields of cattle ranching, and above the southern region the country is closer to the equator, and everything is more colorful, more spontaneity, more party and joy, warmth, dancing music. the south is more reflective.


      2. the south is more closed in relation to the north / northeast of the country, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador (Bahia), Recife (Pernambuco), João Pessoa (Paraíba), wonderful places. and of course, other historical places with Minas Gerais. it is difficult to indicate places, because there are so many that make Brazil an interesting country.


  1. As always PERFECT!!!!

    The Legend of the Doves

    One the Lord of Heaven chose two doves, both young and fair
    and told them of a very special journey they would share.

    “Go now upon the earth and seek two hearts where you may dwell,
    and there I shall surely come and make my home with
    you as well. We’ll join the two and make them one. A Husband and a Wife,
    my spirit will endow their love with everlasting life.”

    Today the Doves still bring the sacred promise from above,
    to those whose hearts are open to the miracle of love.

    Author Unknown


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